Cinque Terre

By all means in hand we are reaching kids, young and adults with the Gospel of the Kingdom preaching the Resurrected Christ and proclaiming peace ahead to those who embrace the Gospel..

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GOSPEL LIFE MINISTRIES stands strong and powerful spiritually, but materially unsteady.
  • The place of worship is rented now at high price, we pray for a permanent place,
  • Many church members are unemployed, covering church rental and other materials become a burden plus catering and covering school fees for the most vulnerable members,
  • We are praying for church generating projects, and so a number of members can be employed,
  • Soccer field we don’t have, a big and challenging issue,
  • Our own transportation can smoothen the task and make us reach those we want to meet as fast as possible,
  • Conducting conferences. It is our duty to organize conferences as much as possible after we realized that many church leaders are unfamiliar with the gospel,
  • Orphanage and widow’s center,
  • All sports equipment can speak better and lure many young people,
  • Wish to see an effective and strong Feeding Ministry in all provinces,
  • Need more attractive tools such as computer lessons and English lessons for free,