Cinque Terre

By all means in hand we are reaching kids, young and adults with the Gospel of the Kingdom preaching the Resurrected Christ and proclaiming peace ahead to those who embrace the Gospel..

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Sports Ministry (Football games) has been a very effective tool GLM has/is using to reach many people to minister to. Seeing many young as well as adults at home worrying about nothing ahead; we thought of reaching them at their homes. A soccer ball draws them, it’s about putting a ball down in playground; the ball smells and many people are attracted, and so games start; after the game the preaching concludes.
We have testimonies, many young people have given their lives to Christ via Sports Ministry. This is a three (3) days a week activity. We face a very huge challenge in this matter” Soccer field”.

We are really struggling to cope when it comes to field, we don’t have our own, many days we went/go back untrained this makes our Ministry difficult and think how to settle the matter. The other minor challenges, whenever we go to train other churches on how to reach people who don’t attend churches using this tool ( Soccer games); we are asked to provide Balls and, as well equipment necessary for the games, namely Jerseys, shoes and other.